WORLD FAMOUS is the result of a tattooing bloodline that's been in the game for over 50 yrs. This idea forged the creation of a proprietary formula that fuses the highest quality inks with the solid, core viscosity of every color. World Famous Inks are backed by the most sought after artists around the globe because they amplify their designs, evolving them into something darker, bolder, brighter and stronger. Offering the best Vegan Tattoo Ink on the market. Inks are non-toxic and animal cruelty-free.


TATTOO FIX CARE products were developed by a group of specialists including dermatologists, chemists and pharmacists in cooperation with leading tattoo artists in the field. For the first time, unique medical products have been developed for the tattoo and piercing sector. These products are completely different from most products available on the market, which are “COSMETICS” by definition. Products are made with all natural ingredients, are not tested on animals and are 100% cruelty-free.


MEA CULPA IRONS are custom tattoo machines. Designed with the best of tradition in mind and using the best materials. Their custom frames combine the best in weight, balance and sturdiness. Laser cut springs for precision. Equipped with hand wired and wrapped custom coils. Powder coated as standard for durability and ease of cleaning. Perfect Tattoo coil machines for crisp, clean work. Hard hitting but soft on the skin, running at low voltages. Tattoo machines that any professional in the tattoo industry wants.


INKJECTA began in 2008 when Byron and Chris started building machines together as a hobby, which soon turned into a labor of love. They took their creations to conventions all over Australia, slowly building a name for themselves. What started as a hobby is now Inkjecta, manufacturer of some of the world's best tattoo equipment. Every Inkjecta machine is hand-built in their small factory by a team of dedicated workers who test and ensure product quality. With 50 years combined experience in the tattoo industry, Byron and Chris have built a company by tattooists, for tattooists. They build the machines tattooists want to use.


MAVERICK Tattoo Mercantile is a site located in the web-universe for professional tattooers, seeking thoughtfully curated, high quality tattoo cartridge needles. Their cartridges are equipped with a protective silicone membrane, medical grade plastic and stainless steel. Owner, Austin Spencer has been a tattoo artist for over 20 years and has owned and operated a tattoo studio in Las Vegas, Nevada for the past 17 years with his family. Being apart of the tattoo community, working conventions, and trying new and innovative devices that make tattooing better, sparked the idea of Maverick and the many things to come.