Before filling out the form there are some things you should know:

Please understand your design will be in the Neo Traditional and Neo Romantic style like you see in my latest work, with a nouveau inspired classic approach. I will be interpreting your idea in a unique way based on your vision and creative freedom is appreciated.

I use a set of custom selected schemes for each of my clients needs which consists, mostly, of warm and deep earthy tones, black and gray with color accents or black and gray if preferred.

As a Style Guideline, usually a more Art Nouveau aesthetic is a good reference. Women and Goddess portraits, Ornamental pieces with botanicals, Animals and Nature themes that fit the color scheme or similar. All with a Romantic and Classic aesthetic are what works best in my style and design techniques. In the case you have several ideas in mind, please don’t hesitate to include a list of ideas and projects you may like!


You must be 18 or older: Tattooing of minors is against the law. It is a violation of Section 260.21 of New York State Penal Law to tattoo minors under the age of 18, regardless of parental consent.

I don't take on any project that I feel may contain hate, discriminative, and/or offensive content/imagery that I don’t feel positively represents my artistry.

Also please understand I don't take on lettering projects, projects that don’t feel true to my style and aesthetic, cover ups or reworks on tattoos that are not my original pieces. Your design will be custom designed and unique!